Despite our efforts in identifying any number of pests and diseases, there are still occasions when our trees suffer from what appears to be unidentifiable reasons. We have then to accept that perhaps we just got something wrong; something was missing from our care. It is hard to accept but plants like people do not just die - there must be a reason; annual plants, yes, they have a life cycle of one seasonal year, but trees no, as long their roots can get to and absorb water they will go on living so have to look to why they can no longer take in water.

  • Plant disorders can result from nutritional deficiencies or from unsuitable growing or storage conditions.
  • An inappropriate temperature range, inadequate or erratic water or food supply, poor light, or unsatisfactory atmospheric conditions may all lead to physiological disorders.
  • Problems may also be caused by deficiencies of the mineral salts that are essential for healthy plant growth.
  • Weather, cultural, or soil conditions may lead to a range of plants being affected. The problems become apparent through symptoms such as discolored leaves or stem wilt.
  • A plant that lacks water, food, or the appropriate environmental conditions will not only appear unhealthy but will also be far less able to resist attack from either insect pests or diseases caused by fungi, viruses, or bacteria.
  • Unless problems are correctly diagnosed and treated, affected plants may die.