Creating a Bonsai Jin



First, select the branch you want to jin. Using a sharp knife, slice through the bark close to the trunk. Using jinning pliers, crush the bark on the branch so it can by peeled off easily (Fig.1).

Using a branch splitter or branch cutter, begin to cut away parts of the branch to create the impression of a dead branch that has broken off Fig. 2

With the jinning pliers, pull away slivers of the wood; this reveals the grain of the wood, giving a natural appearance to the jin. If necessary, smooth off the exposed wood of the jin with sandpaper. Fig. 3

Bleach the jin with lime sulphur and leave to dry. Do this step outside as the smell is lingering and noxious. When first applied, the lime sulphur LINK gives a deep yellow colour; on drying out, it becomes a grey-white colour, giving the impression of dead wood exposed over many years.

Jin creation

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