Equipment Needed

Your decision is made, you have fallen for these beautiful little trees and you want to try it for yourself. You may even have taken advice and been out and bought one for yourself. Now you must not just keep it alive but you must also learn how to progress with your tree, learn how to help it become a fully developed, a healthy work of art.

What equipment are you going to need and what skills do you require to progress with this new hobby?

You can manage, or make do with tools you have at home, but if you want to take this seriously you need the right equipment. Remember the old saying “a bad workman always blames his tools”. You do want that excuse so let’s get it correct from the start.

These are your basic requirements

  1. Tools to work with in creating and shaping your trees, including turntables to work on and allow you to move the tree to a position convenient to work on it. This list can be very basic to start with but will probably get far more ambitious as your skills and aims get higher.
  2. Pots and mesh to place over the essential drainage holes and to stop soils leaking out.
  3. Wire to assist in shaping the trees artistically. Maybe later on, clamps to help hold branches in position.
  4. Soils to ensure they have ideal living conditions, and sieves to ensure the right mixes, scoops for mixing and placing soils in place.
  5. Fertilisers to provide nutrients and pesticides to help trees remain disease free and healthy.
  6. Watering can and or hoses with fine nozzles to provide moisture when nature doesn’t.
  7. Lots of time and patience to give them the necessary care they deserve and then you will have a worthwhile bonsai collection.










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