Getting Started

It is a hobby we can all share and we do not need to speak multiple languages to be able to communicate. The trees and their beauty speak for themselves.

Bonsai is a combination of man-made sculpture and the harmony and perfection of nature. Every part of these small but perfect trees - the roots, trunk, branches, foliage and container – is a balance to express the artist's feelings for, form and line. A bonsai is a miniature representation, combining, unchanged, in all, but size.

We hope in time to include everything you could possibly want to know if you wish to grow bonsai for both those just starting out, growing their first small tree as well as the long term enthusiast hoping for greater skills and better trees.

This will include what they are and the origins of this fascinating art to the different species of trees suitable for creating bonsai, how to obtain them, the equipment and skills you need to keep them healthy, the striving for better more creative masterpieces and on to how to judge good from poor, and even how to display your trees.










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