Bonsai Techniques


You have acquired your first tree, may be it is an already trained fully developed and it will be awhile before you need to practice some of these skills. It is more likely to be a pre bonsai bought from a nursery and awaiting your training. Pre-bonsai are trees that have had initial training, or raw material to be pruned and wired.

Hopefully you have bought a tree of a species that fits your circumstances and that you have a garden or a balcony in which to place it. If you intend to keep your tree indoors, then this limits your options to tropical or sub-tropical trees that can survive indoors. Indoor trees do not exist however, trees that naturally grow in countries whose climates are similar to the conditions inside our houses – will happily live INDOORS.

You now need to learn how to care for your bonsai, the techniques involved in styling, pruning, repotting, watering and feeding, as well as the seasonal care. This is the creative part of growing bonsai, it takes a long time to perfect techniques like pruning and wiring to create masterpieces for exhibiting but the basics skills can be learned quite quickly and easily.

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